Vintage collections curated specifically for your store

Ineka Vintage is Australia's first fashion label to provide retailers with individually curated collections of on-trend, pre-loved fashion that aligns with your brand.  

Pre-loved clothing is the next big thing in fashion retail, with more and more labels stocking recycled, pre-loved and vintage clothing and accessories. Stores that previously sold only new garments are now appealing to a generation of consumers who are  socially and ecologically active and aware.

Ineka differs from larger "by-the-kilo" vintage wholesalers by providing pre-loved fashion collections specifically curated for your store. By taking into account your brand, aesthetic, target market and customer profile, we work with you to curate a selection of clothing lines that have maximum salability in your store.

With a minimum order of only $300 and no freight, giving pre-loved fashion a go is definitely worth your while. 


To book a visit or Skype call from a sales rep and see a sample of our most recent collections, email us at info@ineka.net