The Normal and the Sacred: Roadside Memorials

I’ve always been fascinated by memorials, but roadside memorials almost the most. It’s a fascination with that unsettling combination of the ordinary and the divine. The beauty of devotion, memory, emotion, love and cataclysm in such an ordinary space. Those pins in the fabric of the in-between spaces of roadsides that catch our attention, remind us of our mortality, our humanity. Memorials tie the lives of the bereaved to that place and that time, forever. I am so mesmerised by the beautiful juxtaposition of the epic and the everyday; sadness and glory;the macabre and the fabulous.

One day I would love to capture the essence of the roadside memorial in fashion (too much? too tasteless? perhaps). How would it be, though, to use fabric to tell a story about those pinpoints in time and space that have such depth of meaning for the people involved. What would it look like to create wearable art that honoured the grief and amplified those knots of emotion and memory in a way that could be seen by the world? One day I will try.